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5 Tips for Hosting the Ultimate Football Party

This season, take the opportunity to host some friends and family at the comfort of your own home – your very own home field adv
Posted: September 06, 2019 by Krissy Stewart


Yesterday marked the official start of the regular NFL season, kicking off lots of great game-day viewing parties. This season, take the opportunity to host some friends and family at the comfort of your own home – your very own home-field advantage. Just as the various football teams practice and prepare for their big games, as must you for your game-day parties!

Tip #1: Ample, Comfortable Seating- Arguably the most important factor that will either break or make a good football party, is bountiful and comfortable seating. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes when you organize your TV or living room seating arrangements; where would you like to sit for three hours? Some great options include sofas, particularly large sectionals, love seats, comfy chairs, bean bags, and even large floor pillows. Whichever way you arrange your furniture, make sure that not only is there enough room for everyone, but that everyone has a pleasant experience.

Tip #2: Abundant Food- The next crucial factor to take into thoughtful consideration is what you will be feeding your guests. Food can be a complex issue that is incredibly subjective and while taste preferences might not always be aligned, the notion of having enough food to eat is. Thus, it’s imperative to offer both lots of variety and quantity. Classic football fare includes nachos, buffalo wings, and pizza. If you’re ordering pizza, make sure you plan ahead as they get very busy on big game days. Also, be sure to include healthy options such as crudités and salads. If you prefer to grill, make sure you add some corn or other vegetables to the burger or steak options. Lastly, don’t forget about dessert! Some great ideas are football-shaped cookies, football cupcakes and strawberries dipped in dark chocolate.

Tip #3: The Perfect Drinks- Everyone knows that beer and football go hand in hand, however, not everyone likes to drink beer. For those that do, I recommend opting for craft beers. While they might be slightly more expensive, they’re definitely better tasting! Preparing a batch of homemade cocktails is also a great idea. Try something with fresh fruits and soda water for a low-calorie beverage. For those that don’t drink alcohol, make some fresh juices or lemonade that will help keep all of you guests hydrated and refreshed! Whatever you decide to provide for your guests, make sure you buy and prep everything in advance. No one wants to wait around feeling hangry or thirsty.

Tip #4: TV Ready- Now that you’re all set up to enjoy the big game, there’s one more vital thing to be mindful of — the TV. First off, your TV should be placed at eye-level when you’re sitting down, which means not too high or too low. Next, make sure that everyone at the party has a good view of your TV. If you’re hosting a lot of people and have arranged your furniture into stadium seating, be sure that even the guests in the back row have a clear view of the screen. Last, and certainly not least, make sure that you have the channel that will be playing the game. If it’s not a big game, chances are it might not be broadcast on national television so check it out beforehand and plan accordingly. Pro-tip: avoid any glare on the TV by closing the curtains or lowering the blinds!

Tip #5: Team Decorations- The final tip to complete your football party is to have decorations supporting your team. This one is totally optional, but recommended if you want to have a fun and festive event. Play with your team’s colors by buying color coordinated paper cups and plates. Make a cheerful snack out of popcorn with M&Ms of only your team’s colors. You can also wear a jersey, hat or any other team-supporting accessory. You could even dress up your pets with football gear and turn them into your very own team mascot! Football parties are meant to be enjoyable and entertaining so make the most of your next Sunday Funday by following these tips.

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