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Posted: June 25, 2018 by Step Beyond Media

It is officially summer (and FINALLY starting to feel like summer in Bozeman)! We all know summer goes by in a blink of an eye around here, so it is time to GET OUTDOORS!  There’s so much to do in a Montana summer that you really need to cram it all in!  Camping, fishing, floating, hiking…get out there this weekend because it won’t be long before the snow flies.  (Ok we take that back!)  Here are a few ideas of where to go around Bozeman…



Whether you are loading up an RV or throwing a tent in the back of your car the type of camping possibilities around here are endless.  Some like the seclusion of finding a hidden spot somewhere in the forest while others prefer a campground.  Since we don’t want to give away or favorite secret spots, we’ll stick with a few of the best campgrounds in the area.

Hyalite Canyon-

Because of its close proximity to Bozeman these campgrounds fill up fast!  There are a couple places to choose from.  Langohr Campground is the first one you come upon and most sites are on the creek.  Continue on to the reservoir if you are looking for a site on the water.  Up here you will find Hood Creek and Chisholm Campgrounds.  Both offer beautiful views of the mountains and reservoir.  Hyalite is an ideal place to camp because there is so much to do!  Kayak or paddleboard on the water or take a hike on one of the many trailheads throughout the canyon.  It may get busy up there but it will always be a favorite.

The Bridgers-

Also right in Bozeman’s backyard are the Bridger Mountains and many camping opportunities.  A couple to think about…Fairy Lake Campground is a great because once your camp is set up you can hike to Sacajawea or Hardscrabble Peak as the trail head is right there!  Battle Ridge is another one in the Bridgers to think about.  Both of these are first come first serve and fill up fast!

The Madison River-

This is a hot spot on those hot summer weekends!  Plan on camping at Red Mountain Campground and then spend the day floating or fishing the river to stay cool.  It’s another popular place, so head there early.



So many hikes to do and so little time to do them!  We are so lucky to live in a place where this is the problem.  There are hiking trails for all levels and abilities so it’s easy to find one to suit your mood.  Because we have a love of hiking we have blogged about this before, click here for a list of hikes to choose from.

Playing in the Water

No better way to cool off than playing near the water.  Like we mentioned above Hyalite Reservoir and the Madison River are great choices for water recreation.  Let’s add to the list a bit:

Canyon Ferry-

Just a short drive away is beautiful Canyon Ferry.  Load up your jet skis or fishing boat for a day of fun.  Or spend the night at one of the many campgrounds around the lake.  There are also plenty of day use areas to simply picnic and splash in the water.

Ennis or Harrison Lake-

Two more great lakes to play in.  Both are smaller than Canyon Ferry, but equally as beautiful and have camping available.

The Gallatin, Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers-

The Madison will always be the most popular river for recreation around here, so if you are looking for a quieter place remember the other rivers out there.  They tend to be less crowded and still provide the same recreation opportunities.  Fishing, floating or simply playing on the banks or finding a swimming hole to cool off in.   

Of course there are hundreds of other places to get lost in, these are only a few ideas to get you going.  Whatever you do, hurry up and soak up these last weekends of summer!!!

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