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Is Bozeman, Montana REALLY The Best Place To Live?

Posted: February 26, 2018 by Step Beyond Media

Over the past few years, Bozeman Montana has been attracting an increasing amount of media attention based on, well, basically how awesome it is. Apparently, Bozeman is one of the best; places to retire, places to live & work, places to raise your kids, places for active travelers, ski towns in the world, places for outdoor enthusiasts, winter cities, college towns and home of one of the best summer festivals. That’s quite a lot for our little town to live up to.

Year after year, Bozeman continues to top “Best Places to Live” lists on CNN, Livability, National Geographic and Business Week. After the discussion came up in our office last week, we realized that we've long lost count of Bozeman’s media accreditations. Gone are the days where a list with Bozeman’s name on it would surface every six months or so.

While we realize that quite the debate has ensued over Bozeman’s newfound fame, we are going to side-step the discussion and simply provide a list of Bozeman’s media accolades for those who are keeping score.

National Geographic – Worlds 25 Best Ski Towns 2012
US News – Best Places to Retire, 2007, 2010
National Geographic - Best Places to Live, 2009
CNN – Best Places to Live 2011
Sunset – Best Places to Live and Work 2014
Livability – Top 10 Winter Cities
Business Week – Best Places to Raise Your Kids 2012
Travel & Leisure “Americas Best College Towns”
Backpacker – Best Cities to Raise an Outdoor Kid
Outside Magazine – Best Towns 2013
Livability – Top 10 Summer Festivals
Mother Nature Network – 15 U.S Cities for Outdoor Enthusiasts
MovieMaker Best Places to Live & Work as a Movie Maker in 2014
Money 10 Best Places to Live in 2017
Livability 2017 Top 100 Best Places To Live (Bozeman was #42)
Livability  2016 Top 100 Best Places To Live (Bozeman was #32)
New York Post The 15 Best Places to Live in the U.S: 2016
Men's Journal The Top 10 Placed to Live Now
SmartAsset – 25 Best College Towns in Which to Live: 2015 (#4)

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