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Jesse Lagos, to no fault of his own, was born in Los Angeles, California. ::Insert gasp from Montana:: While there is a slight stigma with the sudden influx of out of staters coming to Bozeman; Jesse empathizes with those transplants. “It’s one of those situations where you don’t realize you were born in the wrong area until you stumble upon a place that allows you to feel as though you belong; Bozeman is that place for me.” Jesse grew up going to the beach although it wasn’t until he made it to Bozeman that he discovered his love for the mountains. That is the beginning of Jesse Discovers (JD).

JD was created by Jesse Lagos and as mentioned he got his start on the West Coast. Despite being born in the states, Jesse recalls most of his early childhood spent in Mexico. His Father had migrated from a region known as Sinaloa where most of his Father’s family resided. He grew up on dirt roads, trips to the beach with fresh seafood, and home made tortillas. This only lasted until about age five when grade school was due to start.

School started a bit rough for Jesse being that his English was not up to par at the time. As a result, he got to repeat the first grade, developed a speech impediment, and enrolled into a program known as English as a Second Language (ESL) to help set up the foundation for success moving forward. The speech impediment really came from nervous energy having to speak in English yet not knowing how to form the sentences. The repeated year and ESL programming allowed him to catch up and move onto the next grade. He’s not sure if he had a natural liking to school or his bad first year made understanding the material all the easier as he became a straight A student from there through the rest of Elementary and Middle School. Interests diverted from there.

Through a series of fortunate events Jesse found himself going from public school to auditioning and being accepted into the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. It’s here that he learned an appreciation for theatre. His schooling consisted of academia in the morning and arts in the afternoon. Jesse attributes a tremendous amount of growth to this time in his life. While he was training to become a performer he also found himself converting and being a part of the Christian church.

Catholicism is huge in the Mexican culture and Jesse grew up having completed catechism and attending Sunday mass. However, as silly as this may sound, he found himself going to a non-denominational church service where they had modern music-along the lines of everyday pop songs. Jesse was sold. The relatable music made for an easily digestible message and as he grew older and began to process the death of his Father it was exactly what he needed.


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11/08/2021 - Not Provided

Jesse does work. He understands what both sides of the transaction need and gets it done.We sat down at first and all he did was try to figure out what I needed in the process because he can handle the rest with his eyes closed.When I told him I was moving cities, he said "Focus on moving, I will handle the rest" and he did. I simply moved and he handled the rest.His staging was breathtaking. I had never seen my house look so good. He has a way with lighting that is extremely impressive and 100% led to better offers.He kept up the work through closing and knew exactly what the appraiser was looking for.Personality matters too I guess, and in that regard, Jesse is incredibly kind and warm. I would not say no to hanging out with Jesse outside a business context.Bottom line: had I chosen someone else, I am positive I would have done more chores and closed on a worse offer.

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09/29/2020 - Not Provided

Jesse was the Zillow agent on the property I was interested in. From day one, he went above and beyond my expectations. His response rate was incredible! I had a lot of intricate questions about the property and Jesse found all of them out and texted me within hours. He also warned me of potential problems that could be associated with my particular property. This really earned my trust as he was not just interested in a pay check, but rather a happy client. He has incredible relationships in the city and everyone I worked with later for financing spoke highly of Jesse. 10/10 would recommend and work with again.

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07/02/2020 - Not Provided

It took me six months to contact the lender that Jesse suggested because I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to afford to buy property in Bozeman! Well, I am writing this review sitting in my new dining room! And that just wouldn't be true without Jesse's expertise and encouragement. Before I even signed the paper that said I would work only with him (you have to sign that with any realtor), Jesse spent a hour asking me questions about how he could best work with me and what kind of house I was looking for. I really appreciated how low pressure it was, but also how confident Jesse is. He is good at what he does and he knows it. And when I was making the biggest purchase of my adult life, THAT'S exactly the kind of person who I wanted looking out for my best interests. I had A LOT of questions, and Jesse was patient and answered every one of them. I felt like there was no question too small and he was happy to share his knowledge of the process. Whenever the doubt crept back in, Jesse gave the best pep talks. He always assured me that things would work out and that if he wasn't worried, then I didn't need to be. :) And not to brag, but I got everything that was on my list, even my negotiable things like a garage door opener. I only have a garage door opener because Jesse stopped by after we close and surprised me with one. He said, "I really wanted you to have EVERYTHING on your list." If you are looking for a thoughtful, kind, enthusiastic and, honestly, just super fun realtor to work with that will give you advice that you can trust AND buy you and your friends pizza the day you move in -- Jesse is your best choice! I loved working with him and if I could afford to buy another house, I'd hire him again tomorrow.

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